Paul's Sauna Club

As you might have guessed my name is Paul. I built my first sauna 40 years ago and Ive been a keen used ever since.

Having run my own business in the food industry  for over 40 years I retired three years ago and built a new sauna. I was shocked at the prices being asked for simple sauna items like ladles and buckets and the poor quality being offered at these high prices so I decided to import a few high quality sauna products and sell them to like minded  sauna  enthusiasts .

I started with our still popular hook handled ladle and they sold like hot cakes so I've slowly enlarged our product range to include more and more items that customers were asking for ,including heaters and even aroma oils specially selected for sauna users,yet always keeping to the same policy, "good quality at a fair price" and it seems to work.

The plan is to keep enlarging the range by listening to what other users say they need. All our customers are considered Paul's sauna club members and we take note of what they have to say and adjust our range accordingly  and we are always happy to offer advice on all aspects of Saunas and their use . I guess the bottom line is this is a business run by sauna enthusiasts for sauna enthusiasts and that why its successful.